Pinatas & Centerpieces

Piñatas & Centerpieces – Providing Decoration and Entertainment All in One


Piñatas are fun and a must-have feature at any kids’ parties. The decorative piñatas are something that kids look forward to when attending a party because they are filled with yummy candies and toys for all. The ABC Miami Party Rentals store offers a selection of decorative and theme-based piñatas for rent in South Florida.

You can create a fun and exciting atmosphere at your child’s party through colorful and attractive piñatas that function as a fun activity and a decoration piece all in one. If you are organizing a special event for your baby who just turned one, we can provide you with piñatas shaped as the number 1. Similarly, we have special piñatas for girls’ and boys’ birthdays. Hang a piñata fitting to the party theme so when the kids break it, their faces will be filled with excitement when they see all the candies and toys hidden inside.

We guarantee highest quality products and outstanding customer service when providing piñatas and centerpieces for rent.


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